Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring is coming - slowly but surely!

 Yes believe it or not it is Spring. We have changed the clocks and the snow is melting. Even though we had some more snow last week, it is melting a little at a time.
The deer are coming back to sleep under the big pine tree in our yard. And they are starting to feel free to walk around. See all the pictures.

 So goes the saga of the deer....

On another note, the dogs are doing well and we are getting ready for the first show in the area at the end of the month: Easter weekend and the Thursday and Friday before. Four days right here in our city. Should be fun to see old and new friends come out after our winter hibernation. I will have photos to share during and after the shows.

Stewie who I have shared his show career with you on this blog, is in a new family with his litter sister He is doing well and Molly is teaching him the ropes. Here is a photo of him watching TV with his new dad and enjoying the couch all to himself.

Thanks to his new mom and dad, Ed and Shelly for taking him into your family. We sure are happy that he is settling in so well. So as you can see, we do have young adults available for loving homes. Please email me if you would love to take an adult lhasa into your home. I do have a couple more who would love a couch to watch tv from.

Well we are all waiting for the warmer weather, here is a picture of the gang hanging out a  lazy spring day.
Have a great week!
Rosey and Jan

Monday, February 19, 2018

Well, we are back at it again!!! aka We are alive and well...

Guess who moved? We did.Yes in September we moved to the countryside. 
We sold the motel business and found a great home in the country. Peace and quiet till we moved in.


 The moving truck was in and out of the driveway back and forth about a dozen or more times. Dean and I didn't move very well after moving all that furniture and boxes. We had alot of help from relatives, friends, coworkers and employees. Could not have done it without all of them.
So again thank you for helping us.


We also have a new family member. Another cat named "Puppy". Dean found him in the bushes at the former home the very last day he was there removing items and closing up the business for good.
He came out of the bushes meowing and Dean heard him. Picked him up and realized that this guy was not doing well. He was cold and hungry. So off to the vet's he went with him. Turned out that the worst thing he had was no food for a while. Purrfectly healthy otherwise and about 4 to 5 weeks old. So we inherited another cat and believe me the girls were not happy that another one entered the household.

We love our new home are unpacking boxes to this day. It is fun because we packed so fast, we only had ten (10) days after closing to vacate, that we were not as organized in our packing as we should have been.

The lhasas are taking awhile to get used to the new location in the new dog room. It is 29 x28. We have it in sections: a grooming section, food section, bed and storage section and then the lhasa section. Several of them have taken a while to get used to the room. But they are happy to have a great place to run around in. The walk out to the outside area has made both them and I happy.

This a view of the room before I fixed it all up for them and am looking into it from the door way.

 This is Rosie's favorite position while we were moving everything in. She sat on the couch all day watching and sleeping. I guess she wanted us to do it right and she wanted to be sure all her stuff got in.

 This is the beautiful outdoor play area for years of lhasa enjoyment. They will get to look over the backyard of 5 acres and see all types of wildlife.
The beautiful dog play area done.
So for today I will stop. I am going to try to get you all caught up on the move, the new house and our new life in the country. Dog shows for us start up in March, so we want to be all caught up the adventures of Rosie.
Rosie and Dora, my office assistants, who work so hard while I am doing the computer work. We are expecting a large ice storm today into tonight, so we hope that all is well and it is not as bad as the weatherman forecasts. Till next time,

Jan and Rosie
Dora, too.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Okay it has been a very long time...

Okay it has been a long time. I have had a lot of craziness happen since I last posted on the blog. First let me say that life sends you in directions you never expect but never gives you more than you can handle.

The photo to the left and below is Multiple Group Winning CH Golden Tu Karlyn Brioni Tuxedo at Sashellie AKA Brioni. He is owned by Tonia Holibaugh, Kathy Hamilton and Carole Mertz.  I am co-breeder with Karen on him. I co-own his litter sister Mo, Ch Golden Tu Karlyn Code of the Cozmos. She is identical to him. Both were winners at the National and Regional Specialties in October last year. He is doing great things with Tonia and Edgar handling him and I expect we will have great things to share as the summer comes our way.

WEDDING: My nephew, Beau Mountford got married in May to Catherine Walton in a cooler than normal outdoor wedding in Madison. Very casual, beautiful home wedding in her grandparents backyard. It was a great day. I went with my sister-in-law Teresa and we had a great time talking and laughing on the drives there and back. We are the early birds and were up and out of Madison before 7:30 am and home by 10:30 am. Everyone else was just getting it together. I know Beau and Catherine will be together forever. A beautiful couple with a great future ahead of them.

Here we are at the wedding.
Mr and Mrs Beau Mountford

One more thing...
Michael Yang from Minnesota was at shows in Wisconsin and few weeks ago and he won big. Got major points on his male puppy who is out of our Ace, CH Karlyn Golden Tu Ace of Spades. Michael is having a great time with him and he bred him. So proud of what he is doing. WTG Michael.

Not much else to tell you at this point. I am working hard and trying to sell my parent's home. Hope to soon. We will be off to the shows soon. Yippee. Speaking of shows, please be careful everyone out there with you dogs. There is a nasty dog flu going around so be sure all your dogs have their vaccines up to date. Try to limit exposure to others dogs.

Till next time,
Jan and Rosey

Friday, December 30, 2016

National Specialty and a week in Colorado in October

Lavonne at the Pony Express Station
Every year we go to the National Specialty of the American Lhasa Apso Club. It is an annual ritual to go to the National and the Regionals that accompany it. We see old friends and make new ones. We get to see the top winning lhasas and show off our lhasas to others. It is fun.

This year my lhasa apso partner, Karen, was unable to go to the Nationals because one of our gals, Secret was due to have puppies. So she chose to stay home to wait for the puppies to come. So I traveled with our friend, Lavonne to Colorado. We drove out to Loveland together with four lhasas.
The trip out was long and uneventful until we stopped for the night in Nebraska. We get checked in and start to drive around the building to get to our room and I look at the person standing in the parking lot with an Alaskan Malamute. It was our friend Pam from Wisconsin. I could not believe it. We ran into each other so far from home. Weird. She was on her way to the National for her breed in a different part of Colorado. We chatted for a while then we all headed to our rooms for a well deserved rest after being on the road most of the day.

We got up early the next day and started out. We stopped for breakfast down the road and then did a little touring. Lavonne jumped the fence to see the sod house. I kept the van running in case we needed a quick getaway.

The Sod house and the fence Lavonne jumped.
See the little red dot next to the Sod House that is Lavonne.

We got going and then stopped at the Pony Express station in a cute little town. It was free to go into and was very rich with history as well as the volunteer who told us all about the station and the town.

The Pony Express Station
The Station's desk
So we continued on. Oh I almost forgot to tell you... we dropped this cute little kitty off to a friend our on way to Colorado. She is doing fine in her new home and couple who adopted her just love her to pieces.

So we get to Colorado and get settled in. It sure is beautiful there and the weather was great. Hotel was beautiful and very accommodating to the American Lhasa Apso Club and the lhasas. We started showing on Tuesday with the Regional #1 and the Futurity. I had Tryst entered in the Stud dog class and we had Mo and Sydney entered in the 6-9 and 9-12 puppy bitch classes. Little did I know this was going to be a hell of a day.

More later.........

Wisconsin Winnebago International Travelers Campout in Stevens Point

Rainy Campout

Water outside my door into rig. Surrounded and sitting in a little lake.


So I am trying to get all caught up on the posts from Fall. Well looky at the last camp out of the year in Stevens Point. Oh it rained and it was damp and cool most of the days. Day one the bar/grill has a great fish fry for us and it was good food. The weather was nice that night. 
My hubby showed up the next night and it was rainy and damp and cold. We had club meetings most of the day and those who were interested did some tours or shopping. I stayed in with Rosie and Flash. We got some well needed cleaning done in the rig. 
It rained most of the night and I woke up to my hubby climbing out the drivers side of the cab because the water surrounding us was not as deep there. A couple of the other campers and a guy from the campground helped me unplug and get the rig ready to move. They were telling me what to do so that I did not get stuck. I said that "this was not my first time at the rodeo" and that I could get out of my lake. So I got her started. Took off the parking brake and then off I went. No sliding, no spinning tires, just drove out like it was not even wet. They just stood there staring at me.
Overall the campout was great. First time for Dean in the motorhome overnight. It was nice to have some time alone with him.
So there is the summary of the Camp Out. Now on to the National Specialty in October in Colorado.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Time to Catch Up and Catch my Breath!!!

Well - I have been a bad bad blogger. Things just got out of hand this Fall. I started a part-time job in late August and so time has been dedicated to that and the current on going job search. But that is another story and not one for the blog.

So the last show of the year in September was Sheboygan and we did well. Not sure if I shared that or not. We won winners bitch with Sydney one day and Mo one day. Stewie lost the breed to Sydney one day too. Cause he was a putz.

 Karen with Mo winning Best of Breed Puppy and Puppy Group Placement

Stewie showing what a dork he is

Sheboygan set up, rained the last day.

Sydney winning Best of Breed over Stewie
 So it was a cooler and then rainy show. We had fun. Next on tap is the National Specialty in October. Will bring that information on the blog after I download all the photos. So have fun catching up with me. More later.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A busy start to Fall...

Oh Fall is in the air!!!! 
             Yes I saw some yellow and orange leaves in the trees going to and from Marquette Michigan over Labor Day weekend. The lhasas, Karen  and I went to the four show weekend in Marquette for Labor Day. The weather was beyond perfect. No rain. Not hot. Great temperatures. It was fabulous.

We had some hook-up drama when the plugs we had did not work in the electric plug on site, but we got it figured out and all was well. We had a site that had a tree and electric and water. Which is rare at a fairground for a dog show. Here is a photo  of the site all set and ready to go.

All set up, right next to the show building. That was fabulous and a spot to die for. We were close to our grooming and if we did not want to use our bathroom there was one right next door. I told the club members that I will request the space next year. It was quiet and had plenty of light at night for security.

My friends came up for the weekend too. Dianne and Karen came up to go touring and shopping in the area. We all went out to dinner on Friday night and had a great time at a wonderful place in Marquette that serves a rib eye that melts in your mouth. It was great. We also got red velvet cupcakes from Huron Bakery in Marquette. It is a great bakery that makes super breads and of course, huge cupcakes.

We ate dinner at the club's annual show dinner on Saturday night and it was great. Nice to talk to club members, vendors and other show people. Everyone was so nice. Food was great. The raffle that they had was wonderful too.

I love when a club has a casual dinner like that during a long circuit. It helps with having a balanced meal rather than eating some of the crazy stuff we eat while living in the motor home during the shows. The 4H club had the food booth at the  shows and the food was homemade and wonderful. You could get a breakfast or lunch plate for $5. Yummy!!!!

Now for the showing part. We showed Sydney and Stewie. Sydney went Reserve Winners Bitch everyday to Mike Reinke's bitch. Syd is getting better everyday with every show. Stewie won the breed 3 times no love in the group though. He is learning the Group ring and what all that means. It looked nice, but you can tell he is only 15 months old. So we felt the showing part was good even though we did not rock it.

Karen won two raffle baskets and I won one. The club always has a great little raffle. They also have a great bake sale. Yummy desserts. I know I seem to always talk about food.  Oh well.

Our friend Pam and her Malamute had a great show circuit. She won her last points to finish her Championship and then on Sunday, she went Best Owner Handler in Show. We are thrilled for her. She looked great and we cheered and cheered for her. Again congrats to Pam and her girl.

We had fun as usual. Cheered on our friends old and new. We have a break for a couple of weeks and then one more show before the National in Colorado.Check out for information about the shows. It will be a fun week.

So I had a quick turn around this week and went to Lanesboro, Minnesota to the Eagle Cliff Campground for the RVing Women rally. Dianne came along with me for the weekend trip. We took Flash along so we had canine company. I am not so sure she liked most of it. But she seemed to be more comfortable on Saturday when it stopped the raining that occurred all day on Friday and into Friday night.
Looking over her domain.

Looking out window from the bed to see what the dog next door was doing.

So you see that Flash seemed to get a little more like herself on Saturday while we were getting ready to go for a walk around the grounds. The cliffs are beautiful and the river was running very fast. The campground had canoe/kayak trips and tubing. The weather was not exactly the best for doing any of those. The RVing Women LyteHearts group went for bike rides and Owl watching during the day on Saturday. Dianne and I decided to just relax. We took a walk around. You can see the white cliffs in the pictures. I never knew that this area of Minnesota existed. So I was pleasantly surprised.
The Eagle Cliffs

More cliffs

The Root River boarded the campground.

Fast moving and muddy after all the rain the day before.

The campground lower area near the river.

The campground was nice, clean and very pretty. The site I had was on the end of the row so we had only one person next to us. It was quiet and very very very dark at night. It was so dark you could not even see your own hand. It was truly dark. Sleep well.

On Saturday night the RVing Women has a pot luck dinner and Bingo. We made a skillet dish to share. There was so much food, it was insane. If you went away hungry from that dinner, you did not try. Dianne and I stayed and played Bingo. Dianne won one game and received some $$$ and camper shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers. Very Cute.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you - we colored most of the afternoon so we could enter the coloring contest. My deer coloring won 3rd place!!!! I was totally surprised. I received a coloring book and a little comical dancing chipmunk. It was fun. 

Dianne and I met some great ladies and and had a great relaxing weekend despite the soggy start. I am very pleased with MOM and now I can say that I have turned on the propane and use it for running the refrigerator, the water heater and the heat. We were dry, warm and had hot water. Yea!!!

MOM rests this week and gets cleaned up and then off to Wisconsin WIT in Stevens Point. The last rally for the year. It should be fun. I hope the weather is good. 

Well, all of us deserve a rest after these two trips. Thanks to Dianne, Karen, Karen and Pam for all your support and help at the shows and traveling with me this summer.

More later...... have safe Fall.

Jan and Rosey