Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Boy Do We Have Some Catching Up to Do!!!

 Hi everyone!!

It has been a very long while since I let you know what is happening. I can't even remember the last time I posted. But here goes... last National Specialty week was in October 2019 in Albuquerque New Mexico. As we did the last time the National was held there, we drove. This time three of us went together, Lavonne, Susan and I. Karen stayed home this trip. We left our homes in Wisconsin on the first day and drove to Iowa to drop a Lhasa at her new home. Then off we went to Independence Missouri to stay over night at Ronnie and Wade's before going on to New Mexico the next day.

So we arrive in New Mexico. I had Cody and Lumpy. Lumpy is the old man and he had a blast walking under the plastic as we tried to cover the floor to protect the carpet in the grooming area. Everyone got quite a kick out of the old man having a blast running around seeing everyone. 

The shows were great. Everyone showed such lovely Lhasa apsos. Congratulations again to all the winners.

In the futurity, Cody, went Best Puppy in Futurity. The fourth time a Golden Tu Lhasa has one Best Puppy or Adult at the Futurity. 

 Very proud of Cody.

Then Lumpy got his turn. He was entered in the Veteran Sweepstakes in the 11 years and older class. He was in the cut down class so he did not have the long hair you see at shows. He had a blast. He did not always have his tail up, but our judge had a great time with the "monkey man" and he won the Best in Veteran Sweepstakes. Very happy he was able to be experience being the best!!!! He always had been in my eyes and heart.

 Ch Golden Tu On My Head  aka Lumpy

Lumpy had a great time at the Nationals. He made so many new friends and Steve loved his enthusiasm for being with other people and lhasas. He asked him to walk the ring for the National judge after the class judging so she could see how well of an old man he is. Pat Trotter loved that he was still is such fantastic shape and told me that I have a great breeding program with such a healthy dog at his age. I was thrilled for the compliment. He received a huge ribbon for Parade of Champions with his name on it that we will cherish forever.

 Mr Lumpy hanging out in the hotel room. He was so spoiled that trip. He was so good for an old man. I am glad we were able to take him along. Lumpy had a health issue that I had not shared at the time with anyone. Only our vet knew that he had a tumor which was very small in October, but grew by May 2020. I had to say good bye to the best little heart dog ever in May and Lumpy at 15 years young crossed over the rainbow bridge outside under the trees and sun in my arms. I miss him every single day. His sister Dora is coping with out Lumpy being around her as her constant companion. 

So we had a great National trip this year once again. We were looking forward to the future with the lhasas. 

 The Best in  Specialty Friends in New Mexico!!

2019 ended as a good year with me getting a full-time job at a University near us as the Compliance Officer. December was a learning a new job time. I was looking forward to the future.

Well 2020 came in very uneventful. Our home of a couple years has been very nice. The motor home has had her issues with a slide that just does not want to close at all. But it is fixed. We hope! 

2020 became the year from ?>#@$!!!! More on that another day.

Jan and Rosie

Saturday, October 12, 2019

A cold gloomy, I do not want to do anything day....

This is a picture of Ginger and Roger. These two Lhasa apsos are my very first two. They were crazy fun lhasas. Ginger and I did obedience and therapy. She loved going to nursing homes and visiting the residents there. She also just loved being with me. She lived to be 17 years young and died in my arms being hugged and kissed by me. She is missed and would have loved our new home. She did love being at the motel we owned. She loved seeing all the people. 
A very funny story... Ginger was sitting with me out in the lobby of the motel one afternoon. It happened to be the weekend of Halloween. A guest's son was dressed in a cowboy outfit, all the way down to the holster with six gun. So he pulled out his toy gun and went "bang bang" pointing the gun at Ginger. Well she fell over and played dead! Something I had taught her many many years ago. So she laid on the floor. Well that poor child went hysterical. He thought he had killed Ginger. I said to Ginger, "wake up". She did and ran to him to shower him with kisses that she was okay. We laughed so hard at that. Poor kid. 
But, that just shows you what a silly lhasa Ginger was. 

It is very gloomy here today. At this point of the day we have not gotten any rain or snow YET! But it is coming I guess. My  motor home is sitting in the driveway. I wish it was warmer, I would like to go camping maybe one last time. Oh well, I'll be cleaning her up and out after the Nationals. She will go to storage till March.  I really miss her when she is not in the driveway. I missed many shows this summer because of repairs to the one slide, that is now hopefully fixed. 

Well I am off to groom lhasas, my usual Saturday afternoon fun!!!

See you - 
Jan and Rosey
Rosey smelling a corsage. Need some color on a gloomy day.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Gloomy Day in Wisconsin

Well it has been raining for the last few days and now it is gloomy. We have a Flood Warning because of the rain. Lucky for us we are on a hill so the water runs past us. Our backyard neighbor, a farmer has a small lake forming in his field. I feel bad for the farmers in the Midwest right now. They cant clear their fields it is just too wet.

So I thought I would give you updates again in photos.

This Lumpy, Dora and Wendi's favorite spot. They have begun camping at the bottom of the stairs into the family room.

Mr Lumpy and his Sister Dora are 14 years young. They are littermates that are the guard dogs (in their own world) and they are very funny to watch. I wish they had more of mommie time but it is not to be currently. Wendi will be moving into a new home, very soon. She is 9 years old and very loving.

I do have seniors available for couch potatoes from time to time. So if you are interested in an older lhasa - usually a finished Champion retired - just let me know.

So here is a few interior photos of the motor home from our summer trips.

Rosie enjoying the comfort of being with mom in the motor home for a doggie show. She loves to travel.

When we are moving at the show. The lhasas stay in crates for the ride for their safety. When at the show they spend the time in the crates for eating, sleeping and private time.

So they you are ! Will continue to check in. Off to do some housework. Toodles till next time.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

More of the summer

Well we continue on.....
June 17, 2019 Flash (Ch Golden Tu Little Black Dress) and Josh (BIS-OH GChB. Joyslyn MLS Dakota Wind Breaker had two little babies: 1 Boy and 1 Girl. We were so surprised that they were golden in color and not black. They are very quiet babies, which is good cause mom is very afraid of them. She did settle down as the weeks went on. As of two/three weeks they looked like this:

Growing like weeds. Running and playing. Went with me to a dog show in the motorhome and they had a good time meeting Joyce and Karen and Uncle Ronnie. Very good puppies on the ride and at the show.

Nice crazy little puppies. Always running and playing. Easy to wean. Thanks to a great suggestion from a lhasa breeder, Pat. So they are growing and now 4 months old. Learning to stand like a show dog on the table. Leash training will come slowly. But they are fun to watch. We gave them official big kid names:
Meet Ernie! Golden Tu Joyslyn Karlyn The Music Man. He was named after a good friend of mine, Ernie Smithson who passed away earlier this year. When we were in high school Ernie was in musicals and theater productions. He was in the Music Man and played the lead. He was sensational in it. We later were in plays as adults with local theater groups until he moved to Independence MO. I will miss him even though we did not see each other alot, we still knew we were there.

Say Hello to Bubbles aka Golden Tu Double Bubble. She is her mother' s daughter. As a matter of fact when Joyce saw her and Ernie she could not believe how each one took after the parent. SO we shall see how she behaves as she ages. Right now she runs and jumps like a crazy woman. She is fun to watch.

So on ward and upward. Keeping it going. Soon we will show you more.

Jan and Rosie

Saturday, September 28, 2019

September 28, 2019

Well this was a crazy summer. We had the motorhome for the major shows but we missed a few because she was in the shop this summer more than usual.

We did make it to Duluth this year to show Cody and Boss and TimTam. Cody likes to follow behind me. Like directly behind me. Boss is a chubby guy right now but picked up a couple extra points. Timtam is a crazy woman at the shows. Barks at all dogs her size and loves the little guys. She thinks she is a lhasa for sure. She did pick up a point.

Boss being groomed.
Timtam when she is quietly getting groomed.

We went into Duluth for dinner many times. Beautiful city.
out over the lake toward Wisconsin

Beautiful foundation along the canal

A carriage horse waiting for the next customer

A old historic building in the bay of  Lake Superior

Off the shore along lakefront towards canal

The Canal lighthouse

We went in to celebrate Wade and Sandy and Ripp's Group Ones and Best in Show!
Ripp and Wade winning Group

Wade celebrating Best in Show!

Duluth was a long week which ended with the drivers side slide not coming back in. Was not happy. Cranked her in courtesy of Wade and Kevin, while me, Ron and Sandy supervised. It is crazy with that slide. So got her in and off I go. The next show was Marshfield and with the puppies, rain and more rain and not having the motor home back did not go. I told you it was a long summer. 

I did go to my 45th Class reunion in Ottawa, Illinois the first weekend in August. I went down early to see some friends ahead of time. Had a wonderful time with my friend Marcia and her mom on Saturday at the AAUW Book Sale in the park square. There were some really nice books there. We all came home with something. 

I went for a ride that afternoon and  took a couple pics of the house I spent my middle teens in: 15 through 18 years old. It had been taken care of very beautifully by the owners. My parents would have loved it, especially my mom, very Victorian.

Oh yes those are brick streets, same ones that I drove over.

Side porch. My room was on the second floor there facing the road.

A small snip-it of  the class reunion.

It was a great reunion. Good to see so many of my long time friends. Glad many of them made the trip. We did have some sad moments when we remembered those that were no longer with us. Several very close friends are no longer with us in body but they are in spirit. Miss them daily.

Well that is the best of July and then into August we go. I will gather of the photos and share more of the fun and several surprises. Yes.....

As always, Rosie and Jan

Monday, June 3, 2019

Good afternoon-

Well we are back!!!!!!!!!!!! Scared you all for a moment didnt we? I am super busy to the point where I am having anxiety attacks in the awake and sleep. So I thought it might be good to do something different. Maybe???


So here I am trying to down load photos from my phone which is not working for me. So I guess I'll just tell you for now..........
1. I have 3 show dogs in hair to brush and bath weekly.
2. I am working on the completion of my doctorate degree.
3. I work 4 days a week 28 hours a week.
4. I am tired all the time.

So as soon as I find the photos I will down load them. Our first riding with rosie show will be soon. Watch for the details from an exciting dog show weekend.

Toodles for now-
Jan and Rosie

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring is coming - slowly but surely!

 Yes believe it or not it is Spring. We have changed the clocks and the snow is melting. Even though we had some more snow last week, it is melting a little at a time.
The deer are coming back to sleep under the big pine tree in our yard. And they are starting to feel free to walk around. See all the pictures.

 So goes the saga of the deer....

On another note, the dogs are doing well and we are getting ready for the first show in the area at the end of the month: Easter weekend and the Thursday and Friday before. Four days right here in our city. Should be fun to see old and new friends come out after our winter hibernation. I will have photos to share during and after the shows.

Stewie who I have shared his show career with you on this blog, is in a new family with his litter sister He is doing well and Molly is teaching him the ropes. Here is a photo of him watching TV with his new dad and enjoying the couch all to himself.

Thanks to his new mom and dad, Ed and Shelly for taking him into your family. We sure are happy that he is settling in so well. So as you can see, we do have young adults available for loving homes. Please email me if you would love to take an adult lhasa into your home. I do have a couple more who would love a couch to watch tv from.

Well we are all waiting for the warmer weather, here is a picture of the gang hanging out a  lazy spring day.
Have a great week!
Rosey and Jan